Saturday, October 11, 2008

Are You A Secret Genius??

Are you a Secret Genius?

Everyone is a genius at something; yet few people ever have an opportunity to
create, experience or share it.

Everyone wants to tell their story; yet few have
fifteen minutes of fame without “Dancing with the Stars”.
Home Gallery Exhibits has built a company based on astounding new scientific evidence linking art to well being. We're doing "the work of art" by providing a platform for you to create and experience art like never before.
These extraordinary breakthroughs are enhancing the lives of individuals like you and those with other challenges from Autism to Alzheimer's to Cancer, Infertility, Post Traumatic Stress and everyday issues with which we struggle.

Have you ever created art to:
• Bring comfort to yourself or others?
• Express grief over a loss of a loved one?
For the sheer joy of it?
• Deal with cancer or Post Traumatic Stress?
• Journey toward self-acceptance?
Or simply tell your story?

There’s an emerging field of study called Neuroaesthetics.
It combines neurology – (the medical science of the nervous system) with aesthetics – (the creation of beautiful or significant things). New technology has allowed us to verify the healing effects art has on well-being and open a new window of potential to create and experience art in a new light.

Along with renewed interest in art therapy, it whispers there are secret geniuses among us, buried behind conventional lives as bank tellers, stock brokers, soccer moms and arthritis sufferers alike.

Artists in the form of grocery clerks, grandmothers, Alzheimer’s patients, baby boomers and cancer survivors are being drawn out of the shadows. Their brilliance is showing up in the light of day, through their stories and the art they create.

Experts are coming out from behind lab tables and libraries, eager to discuss their knowledge and findings.

Organizations have an arena to bring their respective concerns into public awareness.

These secret geniuses may be the landscaper across the street or standing in line with you at Wal-Mart. They have something to say through their language of art and personal story. An entire population is creating and experiencing art to triumph over challenge.
• Alzheimer’s patients without language are speaking when they experience art.
• Trauma survivors are healing when they create art.
• Home Gallery Exhibits celebrates them and mainstream artists alike, by bringing their work into the Home Gallery Exhibits line.

Home Gallery Exhibits is a company with purpose, offering comfort, value, validation and hope through its vision in fine art products and publications.

We've created new opportunities for artists, consultants and exhibit hosts to grow with us and take part in the product line as we launch nationwide.

We've harnessed cutting edge technology to bring you authentic, limited edition, museum quality "Fine Art At Your Doorstep" at a fraction of the cost, WITHOUT ever having to leave your living room!

We are currently incorporating the work of "Secret Geniuses" like you and artists in all walks of life into our product line.

We will be accepting e-mail submissions and inquiries for artists, consultants and hosts who feel they may be a good fit for this expanding international opportunity.

Artists:You’ll be joining our artist list for the October – December cycle.
Be sure to include the words “Art Review Board” in your subject line.

Consultants: Art lovers and experienced consultants are invited to apply. Please be sure to include the words “Consultant Review Board” in your subject line.

Hosts: We know you appreciate the value of connecting with others through hospitality and beautiful things. We invite you to request information on how you can join our family and recieve free gifts.
Please include the words Host Review Board in your subject line.

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To create or experience art bypasses the gates of language, frees those without the ability to articulate, helps to heal the emotions of those who can, assists in fluidity of thought--no matter who views it and promotes well-being in all.

“What an excellent overview of what is happening with art and Alzheimer's--in a language thateveryone can understand and with references to published material. Well done!”Zeisel PhD, President,Hearthstone Alzheimer Care ( Alzheimer's (www.ArtistsForAlzheier' 8,20077:40AM

I do get the sense that there is a growing interest in integrating science into artistic undertakings.” Dr. Brian Greene

Creative Outlets Can Help Boomers Age Gracefully… “When we look at aging
and the arts, we soon realize that the need for creativity is always with us no
matter how old we become. The desire and ability to create has always been
at the heart of our human experience.” By Ann Gowans , doctorate in social
gerontology and medical sociology Published Monday, June 19, 2006 Lifestyle,
Columbia Daily Tribune

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"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come." Victor Hugo